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The aim of the Hangar Consolidation Phase (HCP) is to provide engineer officer students with an opportunity to exercise and develop their engineering management skills in a practical environment.  The HCP is based on the operations of 284 Sqn, a fictitious sqn, based at RAF Byncon, a fictional RAF station in Lincolnshire.  The Exercise scenario ranges from normal peacetime operations through readiness preparation time to on base and deployed ops. The HCP provides a practical consolidation of the instruction given during Engineer Specialist Training (EST).  However, to ensure students are adequately prepared, it is split into 2 parts:

HCP 1 is a 5-day training session which aims to provide students with the practical knowledge required for the Exercise phase Training includes flight servicing, basic replenishments, ground handling and weapon loading.  There is no formal assessment of students during HCP 1 

HCP 2 is a 12-day exercise in which the students are required to operate 284 Sqn in response to tasking generated through the normal chain of command.  During this exercise, the Sqn logistics resources are managed by the students under the overall supervision of AMIF staff. The following 4 management posts are created:  JEngO, Line Controller, Shift Controller and Weapons Trade Manager. Each student is appointed to one of these posts for a period not normally exceeding 3 days. Students are also given secondary duties to undertake during the exercise phase, these range from producing TORs, writing engineering orders to planning and implementing a 3 aircraft deployment.  There is formal assessment of students, in both aspects, during HCP 2. There is no set scenario for HCP 2 in order to allow events to develop in such a manner that students are able to see the consequences of their actions and decisions. 

The Setting
RAF Byncon.  RAF Byncon is a stn within 1 Gp, STC, and has 3 Sqns operating in the offensive support role.  These are 200 Sqn (OCU), 284 Sqn, and 286 Sqn.  286 Sqn is on detachment at Op WARDEN, Incirlik.  All Sqns operate Jaguar ac.

284 Sqn
284 Sqn has an AE of 6 ( 1xGR1, 1xGR1B, 3xGR1A and 1xT2A).  The Sqn is tasked to undertake 5 detachments per year.  During peacetime, ac ops are under the control of CinC STC, however, during operations the Sqn may deploy aircraft in support of the Rapid Reaction Force (Air) under command of the PJHQ, RAF Northwood.


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