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Advanced Systems Engineering Course (ASEC)
Course No 718/014

Aim of Course

To provide selected engineer specialists with technical instruction to second degree level in the areas of modern aircraft and weapons systems. Officers graduating from the ASEC are therefore technically competent to assess the performance and capability of such systems and are well prepared for a wide range of appointments most especially in: aircraft and weapons trials, technical intelligence, procurement, and operational requirements.


Outline of Syllabus

Following a brief lead-in phase, the ASEC is taught in 3 major parts. Part 1 is predominantly academic in nature. It lasts 17 weeks and includes:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Design
  • Propulsion Technology
  • Telecommunications Theory
  • Electro-Optics
  • Avionics

Although theory continues to be taught during the 17 weeks of Part 2, the course begins to concentrate more on the application of that theory to modern aircraft and weapons systems it includes:

  • Control Engineering
  • Radar
  • Missile Guidance & Control
  • Weapons System Analysis

Part 3 of the course is the Project Phase. During the first 6 weeks students work in small syndicates to produce a conceptual design for a future aircraft or weapon system; this culminates with an assessed presentation to an invited audience including Loughborough University examiners, and senior RAF and MoD staff officers. Students spend the final 6 weeks of Part 3 studying one aspect of their syndicate project in much greater depth; this is usually in an area of direct relevance to their future employment. The course is accredited by Loughborough University and successful completion leads to the award of MSc in Aerosystems Engineering.

Entry Standards

Nominated candidates must hold a first degree or equivalent in an engineering or closely related subject, and normally have had at least 3 years' operational experience with their respective air force.

Where English is not the first language, students must pass written and spoken English language tests and achieve a minimum score of 5.5 in each part of the International English Language Test System (IELTS) before being accepted for training.

Duration: 51 weeks

Frequency: 1 per year

Location: DSGT, RAF College Cranwell  


Additional Information

A mathematics package is sent to students before they begin the course, to refresh their acquaintance of this key area.

An integral part of the course is a programme of visits to the major UK aerospace industries and the Defence Research Agencies. Also included is a 2 week tour of aerospace and military research establishments within the USA.

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