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The Royal Air Force has a proud history of 'stores and technical' training. Today the Department of Specialist Ground Training provides high quality training, throughout their careers, for officers of the Supply and Engineer Branches of the Royal Air Force. This training is also offered to the other United Kingdom forces, members of Foreign and Commonwealth armed forces, and to selected civilians, alongside Royal Air Force students. To date we have trained officers from over 20 different countries.

Our programme offers both management and technology training, incorporating the key themes of operational capability, operational sustainability, airworthiness and cost effectiveness. Our skilled instructional staff are highly qualified and experienced. We employ both serving Royal Air Force personnel and civilian specialists, many of whom are former military staff, and utilise comprehensive facilities furnished with modern training equipment. This includes a unique aircraft maintenance facility on the airfield, which allows training to be carried out in a simulated operational environment. Using these resources, we provide a wide range of courses tailored to the various employment fields of our students. They range from initial specialist training courses through short, sharply focused pre-employment training courses, to the Advanced Systems Engineering Course which is accredited by Loughborough University for the award of the MSc degree in Aerosystems Engineering. All of our training is underpinned by the Department's formal quality system which has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard. The challenges of our courses are recognised by prizes and awards.

We are recognised by national professional institutions as an Approved Provider of Training and have links with the Royal Aeronautical Society, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Institution of Electrical Engineers, the Institute of Logistics and Transport and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. Moreover, we have links with the University of Lincoln which allow our students to utilise their Engineer Specialist Training course towards the award of a BSc degree in Engineering Management. Our training is also recognised as part of the foundation required to achieve professional Chartered Engineer status in the United Kingdom.

As an important element of the College, the Department of Specialist Ground Training has an unrivaled tradition and has earned an outstanding reputation for the delivery of logistics training. Currently places are available on the courses for those who wish to take advantage of renowned high quality training offered by the Royal Air Force. When required, specially tailored courses can be designed and provided or, if more appropriate, training advice can be given. We would be happy to discuss any such need.

Please note that there are entry standards and other eligibility criteria required for all courses. Details of these criteria are shown on the information sheet for each course in this catalogue. Final selection of students for places on all courses is at the discretion of the Department of Specialist Ground Training. A full CV detailing academic and career experience for all applicants must be sent to the Department before final approval of training can be issued.

UK MOD military and Civil Service staff who wish to attend our courses should follow appropriate single-service application procedures (as detailed in current DCIs) or contact DSGT Training Administration at the address below. The telephone number on the Defence Telephone Network is 95751 6451 or civil network on 01400 261201 Ext 6451 and the fax number is Ext 6515 using either system. All other enquiries should be made as shown in the Course Contact Information page.

Engineering Officer Specialist Training Courses

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