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No. 45 (R) Squadron

55 Squadron 

Not all Royal Air Force aircrew trainees are destined to fly fast jets. The training course that leads to the pilotís seat of a Tornado is very different to the one that leads to a Hercules.

Pilots destined to fly multi-engine aircraft are selected at the elementary stage of flying training. They then progress to a short course destined to lead in to flying multi-engined aircraft. These courses are carried out on either Bulldog or Firefly aircraft. After this, they begin training on the Jetstream T1 with No 3 Flying Training School at RAF Cranwell. This course introduces all the complexities of multi-engined flying, including asymmetric thrust in single engine operations.

Powerplant: Two Turbomeca Astazou XVI turboprops of 940shp.
Span: 52ft (15.86m)
Length: 47ft 1.5in (14.36m)
Max Speed: 285mph (456km/h)
  • Twin-engined low wing monoplane
  • High-set engine nacelles with pronounced propeller shaft/spinner.
  • Pointed tapered nose.
  • Slim tapered wing with small square tips.
  • Tapered fin and rudder with tailplane set mid-way up the fin.
  • Small ventral strake.
  • Seven oval windows on each side


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