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55 Squadron 

No. 55 (Reserve) Squadron

....To Train Aircrew in Systems Management, Decision Making, Air Leadership and Teamwork to meet the Operational Demands of the Royal Air Force

No 55(R) Squadron provides training for:

    Ab Initio and Refresher:

  •     Navigators

  •     Air Engineers

  •     Weapons Systems Operators

  •     Air Loadmasters

  •     Air Signallers

In addition, No 55(R) Squadron conducts Airmen Aircrew Initial Training and General Service Training. 55(R) Sqn trains around 160 students each year and is currently commanded by a navigator, of wing commander rank, who is responsible for around 120 instructors.
With the exception of air loadmasters, who do part of their training at RAF Shawbury or on their fixed wing Operational Conversion Units, all the elements of Airman Aircrew Training, up to the award of a brevet, now take place at RAF College Cranwell.

Navigator Training is split between 4 stations: RAF College Cranwell, RAF Topcliffe, RAF Leeming and RAF Shawbury. Navigator Training responsibilities at Cranwell are split between the Initial Navigation Section, Fast Jet Training Flight, and Basic Systems Navigation and Advanced Multi-Engine Training Flight.

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